CATs Headquarters - Eureka, CA

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics The folks at Californians for Alternatives to Toxics operate out of a "green" world headquarters in Eureka, CA. Even the 105-year-old building that houses CATs has been restored with recycled and non-toxic materials. Among the virtues are:

green dot Solar Roof: See the information below about this state-of-the-art roof that generates so much energy that our meter often runs backwards.

green dot Permeable Pavement: Our parking lot is paved with grass, which allows water to percolate down through the soil rather than off into Humboldt Bay.

green dot Energy Conservation: Super low-energy, full-spectrum, long life fluorescent lighting throughout.

green dot Paperless Office: With a 95% paperless library and 90% paperless bookkeeping, we’re saving trees. We only use recycled paper for all newsletters and publications.

green dot Recycled Goods: We recycle and reuse almost everything, from tech equipment to vintage furniture.

green dot Native Plants: We’re landscaping with natives, creating habitat for birds, bees, newts and other local wildlife.

green dot Climate Change: As part of a worldwide network harnessing 43,750 personal computers; our computers have worked 24/7 since 2002 analyzing data on global warming. For more info, see

green dot Cutting the Commute: Most of our meetings are conducted via phone conference as CATs continues its efforts to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Come visit our eco-friendly office at 315 P Street in Eureka.


Solar Office

The Californians for Alternatives to Toxics office in Eureka is also home to the latest advance in solar electricity generation: A solar roof!

CATs' high-tech roof is the first in California, and only the second of it's kind in the nation. What makes it unique is that the solar panels are also the roofing material.

Unlike typical solar installations of individual panels held on brackets, flexible strips of bonded steel and silicone were adhered to the roof deck. The strips were joined with battens and edging, then wired to an inverter. The electricity they produce feeds into the grid, running CATs' meter backwards even on cloudy days. The panels also keep the weather out of the building.

Manufactured by Uni-Solar, these solar panels are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. Most people haven't a clue there's anything unusual about the CATs roof until it's pointed out to them.

Manufacturer Uni-Solar, which discounted the panels to CATs, pioneered the technology at its plant in Wisconsin. Funding for the project was provided by a California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research grant.

The CATs solar roof was installed by Roger, who also arranged the Uni-Solar donation and California Energy Commission grant. For more information, visit the CATs office or contact Roger at (707) 822-6508.

Additional Information

green dot Listen to the KMUD radio interview about this new solar technology (7 minutes; 6.45 mb mp3)

green dotText transcription of the KMUD radio interview [link]

green dotInstallation photos!: Solar Roof installation photos


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