Home and Garden

CATs advocates a change in thinking when it comes to home and garden pests. With a little preventative work and a focus on removing food and water sources, most home and garden pests can be controlled without the use of toxic chemicals.

Click here for tips on how to deal with common household pests

Forests and Public Lands

CATs' oldest program aims to stop herbicide use where forest ecologies are disrupted by clear cutting, post-fire or fuel reduction activities, and seeks healthy sustainable solutions.

More Forests and Public Lands Program Information

Public Facilities

CATs' position is that, at a minimum, people should be warned if pesticides are used on street or highway, schoolground or park, courthouse or grocery store. Better yet: Do Not Spray!

Agriculture and Food

CATs opposes agricultural pesticide use that impacts communities and natural resources, including state programs to exterminate agricultural pests by forced sprayings in backyards and neighborhoods. CATs supports organic farming practices.

Wildlife and Biodiversity

CATs works to stop pesticide use that further imperils salmon and other species on the brink of extinction and that diminishes the beauty and biodiversity of our region.


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